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What Am I Working On?

In a nutshell I’m working on a romantic comedy. The working title for my book is Dogs Don’t Wear Lipstick, and I’m having a blast trying something new. Turns out I have a knack for comedy. I’ve always thought of myself as a historical writer so this comes as a surprise to me.

Why the change? While querying my last manuscript, Conjured, a tale of hoodoo, I received feedback from an agent that Conjured crossed too many genres. This particular agent didn’t know which publishing house to market my book to. Neither could I identify who my reader was. That’s a problem.

Determined to become traditionally published, I jumped out of my comfort zone and began typing up a bunch of silliness. I’m trying to be very careful to stay within the specific guidelines of a romcom. For this specific genre, the wordcount is very specific as are the romantic tropes. I decided to go with opposites attract.

My main character, Sally, markets her own line of beauty products for senior woman. She also happens to have a debilitating fear of dogs. Her love interest, Jessie, runs a very successful dog collar company and has a slobbery Great Dane named Frank. When these two get together, drama is going to hit the roof, and Sally will discover that her true talents don’t lie with makeup for senior citizens but just maybe a furrier clientele.