Winifred wants nothing more than to escape the echoing hallways of Wakefield Plantation. For twenty-two years she’s suffered physical abuse at the hands of her ruthless father, Claude, who’d beat her for the crime of disheveled hair or imperfect French. After Claude murders Winifred’s mother, he sets his sights on her.

Uncertain why her father wants her dead, Winifred escapes on a ship bound for London. However, safety remains out of reach when a deadly hurricane sinks the ship and washes her ashore a barrier island in South Carolina. When Winifred wakes from her injuries in a strange bed, she’s greeted by Litia, an eccentric hoodoo doctor. The pair become fast friends, and Winifred finds her first real home amongst the Spanish moss and palmettos.

But Winifred’s new haven is upended by visions of her father strangling her. It feels like a warning—her father’s coming. Desperate to stop him, Winifred and Litia “lay a root” against Claude, but when her enemy finally appears, Winifred must summon every morsel of courage to face the real consequences of dark magic—the hidden truths of Wakefield Plantation.