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When Hazel Robbin’s house goes up in flames, she escapes with only two things: her life and a jagged new scar that runs along her jaw. It’s her gift from a group of revolutionaries for touting loyalty to Britain. Still in danger, Hazel agrees to an arranged marriage to John, a quiet riverboat man who keeps his political opinions to himself. Her new husband may be a revolutionary too, but no one would think to look for her in his bed.

Hazel looks forward to her quiet new life and is distressed when she learns that John’s been recruited into the Continental Army as a rifleman. But then Hazel accepts an assignment too—as a British spy. She hasn’t forgotten the loss of her home and what the rebels did to her face. Her assignment is to follow her husband to Boston as a camp wife and share any tactical information with the crown.

In camp, Hazel begins to warm towards her husband and bonds with the rough backwoods’ riflemen. But when her espionage thrusts the rifle company into the heat of battle, she is overcome with guilt. With a heart torn between family and king, Hazel sweeps up a rifle knowing that she could end up in anyone’s noose.